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About Us

Info Rose is a midlands based web design & development company that creates interactive and friendly websites for clients all over the Uk.

Websites today provides important foundation for the businesses (big or small) to present their brand, product & services.

Our good and professionally designed websites not only engages customers but also ensures that the customers visited the website regularly. We designed useful, fast, easy to use, easy to maintain and friendly websites.We make sure that the integrity of the website should be maintained by being honest in what we are offering.

In designing a website we make use of languages like HTML(for front end),PHP, Java(for back end) and CSS. We also design database driven ecommerce websites by using technologies like MYSQL & flash & many others as required.

The last thing which is very important that we never forget is sites security. Websites security is vey essential, so we takes different types and levels of security measures to ensure safe and secure sites for you and your customers.

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